Our mother once warned us,
“Stay away from the castle rising from the sea, and the beasts who call it home,
Their hearts are black as their horns, my dears,”
And as she spoke of the trolls, we would picture their mad grins and grasping claws
The sound of distant waves and swirling tides,
Threatening to pull us under.

Better the Devil You Know is an ongoing fantasy comic about the modest young warrior Freyr and his life among the mysterious & alluring creatures who have taken him hostage.

Better the Devil contains mature content & themes not suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

H. P. Heisler, the ones who writes & illustrates all of this, is an artist from Massachusetts by way of Skåne, Sweden.

He’s more American than he is Swedish, though.

In addition to this comic, he illustrates tabletop games and is featured on the Six Feats Under tabletop podcast Fellowship: To Winter’s End.

When not drawing he is baking overachieving desserts or taking screenshots of his MMO character.

© h.p.heisler